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Raise The Bar On Your Math Skills

Help With Your Class

Help with your Class

When Classroom Instruction Is Not Enough...We Can Help!

We know that a little extra help can make a huge difference in your skills, confidence and grades. TabletClass was designed to provide students with a powerful and flexible tool so they can take control and learn math on their own. Moreover, TabletClass will save you a lot of money (compared to tutors/ learning centers) while providing 24/7 effective math help.

You Can Overcome:

  • Struggling with your homework
  • Getting poor test and quiz grades
  • Not understanding classroom lectures

Homework Help

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how to do your homework. TabletClass was designed to show students exactly how to solve the most common problems found in typical math homework assignments. The great thing about TabletClass is that you can control the amount of help you need- watch a full complete lesson or see how to do one type of problem it’s all easy with TabletClass.

Test And Quiz Help

Let’s face it your grade is critically important! With TabletClass you can have the ultimate learning resource to learn and practice many of the type of problems you will face on your exams. Moreover with our powerful skill tracking software you will have a huge advantage for preparing for your midterms and finals because you can focus on your specific weak areas rather than everything covered.

Understanding Classroom Lectures Better

Sometimes listening and understanding in class can be a struggle. By accessing your TabletClass account you can watch complete and comprehensive lessons when you’re ready to learn. However the best part about TabletClass is our instruction is very easy to understand and extremely comprehensive. As a TabletClass member a bad day in class or an absence won’t stop you with progressing with your math education- we are there for you 24/7.

Students That Use And Benefit From Our Program Include:

  • Middle school students
  • High school students
  • Homeschoolers
  • Adult Learners
  • College and university students
  • Community college students
  • Technical school students
  • Gifted students
  • Special needs students
  • Vocational school students
  • Online school students

TabletClass Math offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

Get Ready to Raise Your Test Scores

When you’re depending on great scores on exams like the SAT/ACT, GMAT, GRE, ASVAB or Professional Certifications...we can help!

Get Started on:

  • Increasing your confidence in fundamental math skills
  • Improving how well you solve problems
  • Knowing how to avoid common math mistakes that damage scores

Pump Up Your Math Confidence

You’re taking a big test so you need to feel confident! With TabletClass you can work at you’re at own pace to prepare yourself for a major exam. You will be able to learn or review from a wide range of middle and high school math skills. More importantly you will be able to practice mastering math until you feel comfortable and confident that you’re ready for your test.

Increase Your Problem Solving Ability

If you want to be an excellent problem solver you need understanding and practice. When you learn with TabletClass you will be focused on developing a deep understanding of many specific math topics. As your comprehension improves so will your ability to critically think and solve problems. Moreover with TabletClass you can practice 1000s of different math problems that come with fully explained step by step solutions.

Avoid Common Mistakes

How many times have you taken a test or quiz only to see that you knew how to do many of the questions you got wrong? TabletClass instruction highlights common areas where students tend to make mistakes because of poor habits or misunderstandings. Doing well in mathematics is a combination of knowledge, skills and good math habits...TabletClass will teach you all of this and more so you can maximize how well you perform on exams.

Here Are Some Of The Tests That TabletClass Can Help You Prepare For:

ü GED Math Prep

TabletClass Math Offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

Get Ready To Pass Your GED Exam

Do you need to build your confidence and math skills to pass the GED?? We can help!

You Will Enjoy Major Benefits:

  • Even the weakest math student can start with TabletClass and be successful
  • Learn at your own pace to complete a comprehensive high school math education
  • Develop strong math skills to prepare for college or technical school

We’ll Get You To Succeed

...don't worrry if you think you are weak in math.

Just because you had a difficult time learning math in the past does not mean you can’t be exceptional now. The key is timing–having the opportunity to work with a teacher that you understand and motivates you to learn. With TabletClass not only will you have access to a great teacher you will be connected to a learning system with one mission: develop students to obtain mastery of core math skills . We believe in your ability to learn math so we start with the very basics, clearly explain everything and practice, practice, practice so you can achieve great results.

Learn At Your Own Pace

You're busy and need a flexible schedule to make the time to study. With TabletClass you can login 24/7 and pick up learning right where you left off–you have total control over the pace of instruction. All you need is a high speed internet connection and a computer and you’re ready to go; no need to download software or purchase study materials.

Skills For Future Career Advancement

Once you pass the GED you want to be ready for your next step. A TabletClass math education will get you prepared for future challenges like college or technical school. Our courses are designed to give students a strong math foundation to build upon. So if you’re looking to start college or a professional training program you will have a great math education to draw on.

TabletClass Math offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

Welcome To Our FREE TRIAL DEMO Course

This FREE unlimited access to our DEMO Course was designed to give you a way to “try” our program before you “buy.”

What You Will See In This Free Demo Course:

  • Sample lesson videos from each course
  • Sample example set problem and solution videos from each course
  • Sample worksheets from each course
  • See how our course navigation actually works
*NOTE: Actual membership accounts have more functions than seen in the DEMO Course to include the self-assessment/my pulse feature.

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