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TabletClass Math for Homeschooling

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With TabletClass we have invested years of hard work to create a system that allows students to learn directly from a top math teacher. Our focus is giving our students absolute confidence that they are learning not only from a great teacher but an overall learning system that is designed for deep comprehension and mastery.
Studies show that when students are taught by a highly experienced top math teacher the impact is extremely positive. Moreover how well a student masters core skills is directly related to the amount of instructional hours a student spends learning from a professional talented teacher.

Professional Math Education For Your Child:

  • All instruction taught by certified experienced classroom math teacher (degrees in mathematics and education)
  • Students learn in a dedicated course platform
  • Lessons follow Madeline Hunter ITIP format
  • Topics and concepts build using Blooms Taxonomy
  • Spiraling
  • Well organized and professional video design
  • Each student assigned own account with individual software tools
  • Course core curriculum follows state and national standards

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

TabletClass Delivers A Significant Amount Of High Quality Instruction.

Great Teaching Makes All The Difference

What high quality full instruction looks like:

TabletClass Instruction

Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes
Instruction Includes

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

We Make Homeshooling Enjoyable & Effective

Homeschooling is a major challenge and responsibility. However, with TabletClass you can reduce many of the common pressures that homeschooling can bring.

Your Child Will Like Learning Math

  • Students find our instruction easy to listen to and understand- not boring or “textbook like”
  • Students can use the system independently and control the pace of instruction in a way that suits their learning style- ideal for advance or special needs children
  • Students use both technology and traditional materials to learn- excellent for retention and engagement
  • Students gain confidence and have a sense of achievement by completing our comprehensive courses

Parents Will Save Time And Energy

  • No need to spend extra hours preparing lessons or figuring out what your child does next; TabletClass courses are self-contained and easy for your child to use on their own
  • Our software will quickly tell you how well your child is progressing
  • Create a flexible learning schedule so you can control when, where and how to use TabletClass
  • You can easily modify your membership by adding more time or courses for your child

Most Importantly Your Child Will Learn From An Expert

  • Concepts in middle and high school math can be quite sophisticated and complex. At this level of mathematics you want an experienced teacher with a degree in math and complete command of the subject to teach your child what textbooks cannot.
  • Your child’s teacher will be John Zimmerman a proven master teacher that has helped countless students reach their goal of getting into top colleges and universities. John’s teaching style is clear and engaging as he strives to make math enjoyable and interesting. Moreover, John brings a lifetime of experience to his instruction as he used his mathematics training in business and engineering.
  • Last but not least, John is a parent himself and is committed to making TabletClass a powerful and wonderful learning experience for your child.

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

We Give You All Materials You Need For A Full Course

TabletClass provides a full suite of comprehensive course support material with every membership at no additional cost. Students will have access to worksheets, a full course note system and practice tests and keys. All documents for our chapters and sections are designed to align to core standards and are very well organized. Our full course support material coupled with our extremely powerful video instruction and software make TabletClass a wonderful value–we deliver everything a student needs to master a course.

Materials included with every membership:

1. Section Worksheets:

  • Full set of worksheets per section topic; each section includes a corresponding full lesson video and practice problem solution videos
  • Includes problems and written answer key; also corresponds to full video solution
  • 1000s of problems covered to include basic, advance and word problems
  • Designed to have students practice and master core academic skills

2. Chapter Notes:

  • Complete note system designed to be a written learning reference for all course material (like a textbook)
  • Comprehensive summary of all concepts covered–perfect aid for chapter tests
  • Shows examples and list the specific steps and procedures to solve problems

3. Chapter Tests:

  • All tests come with specific directions and complete answer key
  • Designed to check for skill level, critical thinking and overall comprehension
  • Covers core curriculum standards
  • Assessments are challenging and test for mastery

All documents can be:

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

TabletClass Math Course Workbook & Final Exam Package (Optional Supplement)

Package Includes:

  • Chapter Tests Summary Worksheet
  • Course Guidebook
  • Final Exam Directions
  • Final Exam
  • Final Exam Key
  • Course Grade Calculation Worksheet
  • Course Pacing Guidelines
  • Course Certificate
TC Workbook

Save Time And Know That You Are On The Right Track With Your Homeschool Efforts!

Priced right at $19.95.

Chapter Tests Summary Worksheet

  • Track all chapter tests with this easy to use worksheet.

Course Guidebook

  • No need to lesson plan as the workbook makes the chapter and sections easy to follow – step by step. Moreover the student will get additional instructional guidance from me that will help set them up for success. Lastly the guidebook gives you the parent a way to review progress. Note: the guidebook is designed to go along with the online TabletClass course tracking software.

Final Exam Directions

  • Get very detailed instructions on how to properly review and finish the course. Moreover get very specific steps that you and your child need to take to have a high quality final exam experience.

Final Exam

  • Verify your child’s comprehension by using the TabletClass Math course final. This exam is specifically designed for students that have taken the course. The exam is challenging and comprehensive and tests your child at the highest level of standards. Exam is 50 questions multiple choice.

Final Exam Key

  • Easily and quickly grade your child’s final exam and compute their score with the final exam key.

Course Grade Calculation Worksheet

  • Determine your child’s overall course grade with this worksheet. Input all the aspects of your child’s work in the course into this easy to follow calculation template to generate their final course score / grade.

Course Pacing Guidelines

  • Find the right course pace for your child. Get specific chapter completion guidelines (by month) so you can feel confident that you’re on track with your homeschooling goals. The pacing recommendations cover the specific tracks for slow, average and accelerated course timelines.

Course Certificate

  • Issue your child a TabletClass Math course completion certificate- a wonderful insert for your child’s portfolio.

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TC Workbook

TabletClass Reviews & Testimonials

Check Out Some Professional Reviews on TabletClass Math

**Please disregard old offers and prices in these articles as they are expired.**

What Fellow Homeschoolers Say

“As a Homeschooling mom I have the pleasure of choosing curriculum that fits my child's learning style. When Saxon math wasn't "clicking" for my daughter I saw posted on our homeschool loop and gave it a try. It was a perfect fit, my daughter has flourished using! After one week using she said "oh mom this is great I LOVE it!!" Her comprehension in Algebra 2 has been excellent. Having access to our on line teacher Mr. Zimmerman is a big plus, you never get "stuck" because he is willing to help guide the student through any "hiccups" in the learning process. Now that she is in High School I am using the college SAT as her testing and I can't wait to see how much her score goes up in math! We are so glad we added to our curriculum!” - V. Sherman, Clearwater FL

“We are enjoying TabletClass as a means for our homeschooling Alg. 1 class. I say we because, I'm also relearning algebra for myself along with my son. I have always loved math and this is great. I have even referred it to friends of mine that were going to spend $250.00 per month on taking their child to Sylvan Learning Center. I encouraged them to give you a try first, and their child went from almost failing, to an A on their report card. They have only been using Tablet Class for a little over a month. They love it and so does their son. I only wish that I would have had a program like this for my daughter that just graduated high school this past May. She really struggled and I think this would have really been great for her. Thank you so very much for providing a wonderful program.” -Devonda C., TN

“We are loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son was using Math U See and was having a problem. He likes how you break everything out!” - DeAnna

“Mr. Zimmerman, thank you! Duncan has always been uncomfortable with Math, but he is loving your course. He truly understands what he's learning and is not dreading Math anymore. Thank you so much for this program. It has been wonderful!” - Mary

“Just a note to let you know Kaleb is loving this online course. I was unsure of where to go for him for his first year in high school, (we home school) and a friend sent me a link to your site. We started him on a trial for Algebra 1 and he's thrilled with it! He's our math whiz and is a year ahead. Thank you for this, we look forward to the upcoming school year with tablet class. Thank you!” -Angela and Kaleb D.

“ is wonderful because the videos are straight forward, understandable, and fairly simplistic. In my way of thinking, it can even be fun!” -Lydia, 7th grade

“Thank you so much for Tablet Class!! I didn't think I would be able to find an affordable option for high school math. My children can operate the system easily without me, and if I ever have a question, it is answered quickly. I feel like this system is sent directly from God to our family. It was such an amazing find!!” Thank you!! -Margaret V., NJ

“TabletClass has really been a great addition to our home school. As a Mom that is "math challenged" this program really takes the pressure off of me to be able to teach my daughter algebra. This program lends itself to independent study which is important as I have 7 children needing my attention during the day. My daughter has been able to go back and review the videos as many times as she needs to get the concept down and this has been another great aspect of TabletClass. John has been so very helpful and just an email away to answer any questions I have. I will be using this with all my children in the future.” - Alisa S. (mom to 7 blessings in PA)

“Just thought I would drop a line and let you know what we think. My son just loves your class online. He is advanced in math and does well across the board with most math curriculums. He was doing Bob Jones Math for homeschool. He loved it but seemed to be wanting something different. We received an email from our homeschool group telling us about your site. He has loved doing your math class. The information is well presented and he follows along with ease. We both think this will be his math for the rest of his school years. Algebra here we come!!!!” -Tanya R. and Steven B., VA

“I'd like to thank you, John Zimmerman, for creating TabletClass. Doing math used to be the most stressful part of our homeschooling day. Now that our son is using TabletClass, instead of a "battle of the wills," there is peace. You are so much better than I am at explaining the math concepts to our son, Travis. Sometimes I hear Travis conversing even laughing while he watches your videos. He is definitely engaged! The tests are most helpful to keep me informed of his progress. Thanks again for creating TabletClass!” -Sandee, SC

“My ds is liking Tabletclass Algebra. We started it as a supplement to Harold Jacobs Algebra, but now it's pretty much the other way around. The instructor goes thru how to do problems on a white board. Very clear explanations, the guy has a nice voice to listen to. You can download lessons onto iPod, etc, too, to watch away from the computer. You could try it as a supplement for a month, and see how he likes it.” -Julie Knapp (The Homeschool Diner "a full menu of homeschool resources"

“Hi, I just want to comment on how much my daughter enjoys this math site and how much it is helping her. She is 13 and homeschooled, this program is a God sent. John explains the lessons in a very simple, straightforward manner. We recommend this math program to others looking for a new math program. Thanks.” -Teresa J., NM

“I just wanted to share our praises for your website. We are the "College By Twelve" family and fits in with our accelerated/child-led method of getting our kids into college by the age of twelve. My 10 year old has finished Algebra 1 and is waiting for the Algebra 2 course to start. On-line learning is the best way to teach kids who are self-motivated. We have had GREAT results in helping our 9 kids excel in Mathematics and TabletClass is exactly what we needed to make my workload as a mom easier. Blessings!” -Mona Lisa Harding (author of the eBook found at

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

Homeschool FAQs

  1. Is TabletClass a complete course curriculum?
  2. Yes. Our learning system covers all topics found in a traditional math class complete with lessons, practice problems, tests/keys, notes and tracking software. The course was designed by a certified and experienced math teacher with the primary goal of teaching students to master middle and high school math. Each course was structured and developed to meet core curriculum standards. TabletClass easily duplicates what is taught in a traditional full year math class so you can feel comfortable that your child will be learning from a complete course curriculum.

  3. Do I need a textbook to use the TabletClass program?
  4. No, you don’t need a textbook or any other supplemental material we provide everything you need online. TabletClass provides hundreds of pages of notes and worksheets that cover 1000's of problems. We also provide students with chapter tests and keys. However if you have a math textbook it can offer additional problems to practice and explore. Older math books are just as good as the new ones so if you decide to purchase a math book we suggest buying a used textbook to save money.

  5. Does TabletClass meet state requirements for homeschool?
  6. Each state has different homeschool requirements. We are very confident that our courses will meet and exceed your state's requirements. Our program has even been adopted in some public schools because our courses align to required standards. However, it’s always a good idea to double check our curriculum with your state's most current requirements.

  7. Do you need to watch all the videos in order to learn?
  8. It really depends on how you plan to use the TabletClass system. If your main instruction comes from our system then we recommend watching all the videos in order to master chapter core skills and concepts. We made this easy to accomplish by our course navigator; it's set up and organized just like chapters in a textbook. Another approach to experience the powerful benefits of TabletClass is to use it as a ready reference or tutoring system. Students can login 24/7 to watch the lessons they need help with so they can continue to progress with their math education.

  9. My child has special needs is TabletClass right for them?
  10. Yes! Many students with special needs have used TabletClass and achieved outstanding results. When designing our courses we kept in mind that many students using the system may have learning disabilities. As such, the TabletClass system was well thought out to be an easy to use independent learning system. Our videos are engaging and effective and appeal to a wide range of learning styles from visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Furthermore if your child needs more time to become proficient they can watch the videos at their own pace and style as many times as they like.

  11. Does TabletClass provide grades and tests?
  12. TabletClass does not issue grades to its members. However, we do provide excellent tests with answer keys and progress reports such that homeschoolers can use to easily calculate a fair and accurate grade (read our Homeschool Parents Guide for more information). Additionally, we offer students and parents powerful skill tracking and management software to make assessment more effective. Students and parents can login anytime to see detailed reports of skills learned to date. Our software takes the pressure off of trying to track all the details of your child's comprehension levels. Of course the main advantage of our dynamic software is that it quickly directs you to deficiencies so you can improve weaknesses.

  13. I have my own homeschool teaching philosophy. Would I need to follow the TabletClass system exactly as recommended to gain value from the material?
  14. Absolutely not! We want you, the parent to be creative and confident to make the appropriate adjustments that best fits your family's needs. Studies suggest most homeschoolers modify and customize standard curriculums to teach their children. TabletClass recognizes that it's impossible to have a one size fits all approach and is designed to be highly flexible.

  15. Can my child switch courses during their membership?
  16. Yes and no. If you sign up for our 1 month or 6 month plans you can’t switch the course you enrolled in. However if you sign up for our 1 year plan you will have the option of switching courses once during your membership. This feature is a great benefit as most students tend to finish courses within 7 – 10 months. As an example if your child finishes an algebra 1 course in 7 months they can switch into our geometry course for 5 months making the most of a 12 month subscription.

  17. There are other online learning systems that I can use why should I consider TabletClass?
  18. TabletClass has been designed to teach students to master core skills. We strive to provide the highest quality math learning experience for all members. Our entire system was created by professional educators with a passion to get students ready for a competitive future. You will know that your child will be taught by an experienced math teacher that knows how to motivate students for achievement. With over 100 hours of detailed and effective instruction your child will challenged and engaged. Lastly, TabletClass takes the pressure off you the parent. Your homeschooling day will be easier because you don’t have to manage a curriculum, prepare lessons or explain topics you’re not comfortable with–we make teaching your child math at home easy and effective.

  19. Does TabletClass offer family discounts and special offers?
  20. Yes! First make sure to connect with us on Facebook so you get alerts on our special promotions. TabletClass has a great savings plan for families that want to enroll multiple children in our courses. It’s important to understand that each child does need to their own separate account even if they are taking the same course.

  21. How do I know what course is right for my child...are there any placement tests?
  22. TabletClass does not use placement tests. However you do want to make sure your child has the fundamental background to be ready to start one of our courses. We strongly suggest that you go to our courses pages and read the specific curriculum details and the prerequisite guidelines. If you’re still not sure about what course your child should take please feel free to contact us- we are happy to help determine the right class for your child.

  23. How long does is generally take to complete a full course?
  24. On average students complete courses within 7 – 10 months. This time range assumes the student works about 1 hour a day 5 days a week- i.e. a normal academic year schedule. Of course these time frames can vary greatly among students so if you need to extend your membership you certainly can. We strongly suggest that most homeschoolers consider our 1 year power plan so if your children finishes within 12 months (and most do) you can switch into the next course and make the most of your membership time.

Get Your Child Started On A Great Math Education!

Welcome To Our FREE TRIAL DEMO Course

This FREE unlimited access to our DEMO Course was designed to give you a way to “try” our program before you “buy.”

What You Will See In This Free Demo Course:

  • Sample lesson videos from each course
  • Sample example set problem and solution videos from each course
  • Sample worksheets from each course
  • See how our course navigation actually works
*NOTE: Actual membership accounts have more functions than seen in the DEMO Course to include the self-assessment/my pulse feature.

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