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Clear and Understandable Math Video Lessons. Complete Online Course with Chapter Notes, Worksheets, Tests & Progress Tracking.

Product Features

All the tools you need to master math at the click of a mouse!

Get Ready To Understand Math Better Than Ever!

TabletClass Makes Learning Math Easy And Effective

TabletClass is a powerful complete online learning system that can be used for a wide variety of uses to include:

  • Full Course Curriculum
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Course Support or Review
  • Test Preparation

The Complete TabletClass System Includes:

  • Videos–over 100+ hours of excellent instruction from a master math teacher
  • Software–powerful tools that will help you track your skills and identify what areas you need to focus on to improve
  • Materials–practice tests/keys, full notes and worksheets

What TabletClass Can Do For You

Our system is designed to get students to master math and significantly improve their core skills. By engaging in our system you can work at your own pace to:

  • Get a clear understanding of math concepts from the basic to the complex
  • Learn how to master the most common problems students face at the middle and high school level
  • Know how to avoid the most common student math mistakes
  • Develop strong problem solving skills needed to ace tests and quizzes

All The Tools You Need To Master A Complete Course!

  • 100+ hours of comprehensive video instruction per course.
  • Practice problem worksheets and solutions- thousands of problems covered. (PDF format can be printed or saved)
  • Powerful tracking software with visual charts and graphs of progress
  • Chapter tests & answer keys (can be printed or saved)
  • Chapter review notes (can be printed or saved)

Learn More About The TabletClass System

When You Complete Our Extremely Comprehensive
TabletClass Courses You Are More Than Prepared!

Don’t just learn become a master at math and be ready for your future!

A Simple Process That Delivers Great Results!

Master A Skill In Three Easy Steps

TabletClass was designed to make learning comfortable for all students. When you engage with TabletClass you will be focused on mastering math one skill at a time. Here is an overview of our simple 3 step learning process.

Step 1- Watch A Comprehensive Lesson

First you will watch a very detailed and comprehensive lesson on a specific topic. We know that for a student to really master a topic they need to start with a great foundation of understanding. TabletClass lessons provide students with in-depth instruction that is easy to understand but covers the material in a highly comprehensive manner.

Step 2-Practice Problems That Build You Up

Next you will start mastering the skill. You will work through a wide variety of problem sets that increase in difficulty. All problem solutions will be fully explained in precise detail so you feel confident about the problem solving process. As you progress through the problem sets you will be building up your knowledge, skill level and confidence.

Step 3-Review Your Understanding

Lastly, you will take a look at your progress by using our skill tracking software. Our software tools make it easy for you to identify any weak areas that you need improve. TabletClass empowers students to make the most of their study time. Our software keeps track of overall course progress and exact skill strength.

TabletClass Offers Even More

Once your done mastering a skill and finish a chapter you can take advantage of additional resources we offer to include:

  • Complete chapter tests/keys–printable and perfect to get an overall assessment and feedback
  • Detailed chapter notes–printable and perfect to study and review for tests and quizzes
  • Worksheets–printable covers a wide variety of problems with full solutions provided

When You Complete Our Extremely Comprehensive
TabletClass Courses You Are More Than Prepared!

Don’t just learn become a master at math and be ready for your future!

Engaging and Professional Video Instruction

It’s Critical You Learn From An Experienced Math Teacher

Learn from a professional math educator that will teach you exactly what you need to know to master middle
and high school math skills.

TabletClass is all about deep student comprehension. Excellent professional math teachers have the knowledge and experience to develop students of all skill levels into top notch math students. As such all of our lessons are taught by an experienced certified math teacher that has a proven record in getting dramatic student results.

High Academic Standards:

  • Professional lesson design–all videos follow a traditional lesson outline by defining key terms, listing the exact steps to solve problems, providing guided practice and reviews.
  • Aligns to core curriculum standards–all instruction is designed to meet core standards and provide a complete and comprehensive education that fulfills state and national requirements.
  • Instruction taught by a professional educator–teacher has degrees in math and education and years of actual classroom experience successfully working directly with students.


  • Videos stream using Microsoft Silverlight technology–excellent quality even in low internet bandwidth environments (videos play on PCs and Macs)
  • Easy to watch and control pacing–perfect for all learning styles
  • All problems are fully explained with each specific step demonstrated
  • Much more than a brief overview; average video is over 15min–designed for maximum explanation and mastery
  • Over 300+ videos per course
  • Over 100+ hours of actual video instruction per course
  • Word problems and advanced problems covered
Click on image to watch a sample video.
TabletClass Lesson

Powerful Learning Benefits

  • Increased confidence and academic ability
  • Knowing how to avoid the most common mistakes that damage student grades
  • Understanding the exact steps to solve a wide variety of math problems
  • Developing a strong foundation of core math skills that will prepare you for studying advance college prep math or doing well on the SAT, ACT or GED

When You Complete Our Extremely Comprehensive
TabletClass Courses You Are More Than Prepared!

Don’t just learn become a master at math and be ready for your future!

Powerful Software That Makes Learning Easier

Improve With A Click Of A Mouse

It’s critical for math students to know what specific skills trouble them so they can go back and improve. With TabletClass we make tracking and managing skills easy! We provide powerful skill tracking tools so students can quickly identify weak areas and work on improving quickly and effectively.

  • Track Your Comprehension of Lessons Watched
    With our Video Self-Assessment tool you can input the level of understanding for every video watched. Because each one our videos correlates to specific skill set this input is extremely valuable. Our tracking tools use this data to give you reports that show your exact strengths and weaknesses per skill.

  • Know Your Specific Strengths and Weaknesses
    Our “My Pulse” tool allows students to see a list of all the videos they watched, organized and listed by the level of comprehension. The pulse feature gives students a tremendous advantage to save time in identifying areas for impovement. 

  • See Your Overall Course Progress
    See various progress reports (charts and graphs) to get a quick update on overall course performance and progress.

Quickly Find What You Want To Learn

TabletClass courses are organized to make learning easy and intuitive. Students don’t need to struggle and spend extra time to figure out how to get to the topic they want to learn because our system is logical and familiar. All of our courses are designed in a simple chapter and section format that has the same feel as most textbooks.

Easy View of Topics...Point-Click-Learn

Our course navigator was designed to give students a clear view of all chapters and sections making independent study comfortable and easy for all students to manage.

Let Our Software Keep You Organized And On Track

  • Just login and start learning where you left off
  • Easy to switch from learning platform to software reports
  • All notes, test/keys and worksheets are stored and organized online
  • Multiple performance indicators make tracking your progress easy

TabletClass Math offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

If You Want To Rise To the Best Level in Math, Then You Need a Program That Can Get You There!

Additional Resources that Make TabletClass Unique

TabletClass provides a full suite of comprehensive course support material with every membership at no additional cost. Students will have access to worksheets, a full course note system and practice tests and keys. Our full course support material coupled with our extremely powerful video instruction and software make TabletClass a wonderful valuewe deliver everything a student needs to master a course.

Materials included with every membership:

1. Section Worksheets:

  • Full set of worksheets per section topic; each section includes a corresponding full lesson video and practice problem solution videos
  • Includes problems and written answer key; also corresponds to full video solution
  • 1000s of problems covered to include basic, advance and word problems
  • Designed to have students practice and master core academic skills

2. Chapter Notes:

  • Complete note system designed to be a written learning reference for all course material (like a textbook)
  • Comprehensive summary of all concepts covered–perfect aid for chapter tests
  • Shows examples and list the specific steps and procedures to solve problems

3. Chapter Tests:

  • All tests come with specific directions and complete answer key
  • Designed to check for skill level, critical thinking and overall comprehension
  • Covers core curriculum standards
  • Assessments are challenging and test for mastery

All documents can be:

TabletClass Math offers the Math offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

Don't just learn become a master at math and be ready for your future!

Great Teaching Generates Great Results

The Most Important Factor For Students To Master Math - The Educational Research is Clear

Study after study shows that extensive Instruction from a highly qualified, talented and experienced math teacher is the most important factor for student success.

TabletClass was designed to give students the ability to spend as much time as they need to engage with great math instruction. With TabletClass students can access in-depth high quality video instruction that is designed to build core math skills. Our passion is simple: provide students the ability to access great and effective math instruction so they can master math skills rather than just “go over” topics. Our courses provide students well over 100+ hrs. of rich math instruction designed to deliver a great math education that’s on par with the best classrooms anywhere.

TabletClass Offers Students A Powerful Learning Experience

  • Concepts are taught in language that makes sense to even the weakest of math students
  • Full length and comprehensive lessons - we don’t give students brief overviews; we take the time to really explain and get into each concept in detail to ensure all students feel confident that they are truly learning and understanding
  • Instruction points out how to avoid common errors and instill good math habits
  • Sequential and challenging - we get students to master the “hard stuff” after building up basic skills
  • Easy to retain - our lessons stimulate and connect to multiple learning styles. As a result students find the material easier to follow and remember
  • Practice problems are fully explained - we walk students through the exact process to solve problems explaining how to reach solutions step-by-step

Skill and Knowledge Step By Step

We fully explain how problems are solved rather than just present a “simple” answer

TabletClass is designed to show students how to solve a wide variety of problems. However the best part about our practice problems is we FULLY explain all solutions by demonstrating and walking students through the exact step-by-step process used to reach solutions. One of the main reason TabletClass members love our program is because we give them a real sense of understanding of how to solve a problem. We offer so much more than a simple answer or quick overview of one or two problems per topic.

Skill Development

  • We group practice problems to align with specific skills. Our problems are grouped in “example sets” and are designed to build up a student’s level of understanding- one skill at a time.
  • The diagram below shows the progression of learning as described by Blooms Taxonomy (a well-known educational model). TabletClass follows this same learning model. First students learn basic knowledge to comprehend a concept. Next students apply what they learned and practice analyzing results. Lastly students work on mastering skills though synthesis and evaluating all aspects of a concept in a larger context.
  • TabletClass courses are organized in chapters and sections. Each section starts with a lesson followed by a set of practice problems. The first practice problem group is “Example Set A” which generally focuses on basic knowledge. Subsequent example sets intensify to develop critical thinking as described in Bloom Taxonomy.

Blooms Taxonomy- Building Up Students Into Critical Thinkers

Learning Styles

Our instruction is perfect for all learning styles and needs

TabletClass was specifically designed to make learning math intuitive and enjoyable. Our course format and software provide students the freedom and flexibility to learn the way they like. Students of all learning styles will enjoy using TabletClass because they have complete control over the style and pace of instruction. Moreover TabletClass has been proven to be a great independent learning resource for students with special needs as our system can be easily modified and supplemented.

TabletClass Math offers the Ultimate Independent Learning Tool...
It's like having your own personal math teacher available 24/7!

If You Want To Rise To the Best Level in Math, Then You Need a Program That Can Get You There!

Welcome To Our FREE TRIAL DEMO Course

This FREE unlimited access to our DEMO Course was designed to give you a way to “try” our program before you “buy.”

What You Will See In This Free Demo Course:

  • Sample lesson videos from each course
  • Sample example set problem and solution videos from each course
  • Sample worksheets from each course
  • See how our course navigation actually works
*NOTE: Actual membership accounts have more functions than seen in the DEMO Course to include the self-assessment/my pulse feature.

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