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Q:  What do I get when I purchase a course?

A:  Purchasing a course initiates an "Agreement" with an expiration date. The Agreement entitles you to log into the private member's area of where you will find all the tutorial videos for the course(s) purchased. You choose your own login credentials (username and password) when you purchase a course. Use these to access the site for the duration of your course "Agreement."   

Q:  If I purchase a course, is my credit card charged once? OR is this a recurring monthly/quarterly/yearly bill?

A:  You will only be charged once. We do not automatically charge your credit card/PayPal account subsequent times.
If you want to renew your subsciption you must re-subscribe manually.       

Q.  How should my computer be configured?

A.  The following configuration is required to use all the functionality of

    1.    Browser:  IE 6.0 or higher, Netscape, Firefox, or Opera.  Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is highly recommended.    

    2.    Microsoft Silverlight 

    3.    Adober Reader            
    4.    Computer with sound card. All videos have an audio requirement to hear the instruction.

    5.    Printer:  A printer is useful in order to print and work the sample problems.
    6.    Screen Resolution:  1024 x 768 is the minimum for optimal viewing.      

    7.    Internet Connection: Broadband connection speed is recommended.    

      Get Internet Explorer                     Get Silverlight                      Get Adobe
Q.  What is the required internet connection speed? 

A.  All videos are streamed and the files sizes are large.  A DSL or Cable Modem connection is highly preferred.    
The experience for Dial-Up users will not be optimal.
Q.  Will TabletClass run on Apple computers?

A. is compatible on Apple (MAC) computers.  Silverlight for MAC is required.  However,  we recommend using Firefox, Netscape, or Mozilla for MAC. There are some formatting issues with Safari. 
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